Sizing of Stainless Steel Wrist Watch Band

Follow a few simple steps to adjust the lengths of your stainless steel wrist watch bracelet. This particular band can be sized in two sequential ways; a rough- (A) and a fine adjustment (B).

  • 1st Measure the size of your wrist

    Measure your wrist to define the number of links for removal. Divide this number by two to obtain the number of links you need to remove on each of the two opposite bracelet parts mounted to the watch.

  • 2nd Step (A)

    For the rough adjustment (A) choose one bracelet part and push the pin in the direction of the arrow symbol using a pointed tool.

  • 3rd Step (A)

    Repeat step 2A on a different position of the bracelet part to remove the correct number of links.

  • 4th Step (A)

    Merge the two remaining parts back together and fix them with the pin in the direction of the arrow symbol using a rubber mallet.

  • 5th Step (B)

    For the fine adjustment (B) compress the spring bar by the clasp by pushing it in.

  • 6th Step (B)

    Detach the clasp carefully while the spring bar remains in the compressed state.

  • 7th Step (B)

    Compress the spring bar by pushing it in and fix it to the clasp at a different position.