New Collection

New Collection

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We are excited to introduce our new collection of watches with now even greater focus on features, colours and design.


Our ladies’ watches have undergone a transformation, starting with a carefully crafted facelift that includes a new case and sharper styling. Sleeker, thinner metallization with a larger glass opening and longer hands are noticeable differences while narrower straps on smaller sizes also contribute to an overall more refined and elegant look.
Elsewhere, brand new colours stand out including bright baby blue and sophisticated rosa. Some of our other favourite shades, such as purple and blue have also been refreshed to bring more depth and lustre to finished looks.



We’ve also upgraded the dials. Discover beautiful mother of pearl, or a striking dégradé effect that illustrates a subtle blending of colour.



Strap work has been prioritized too. There’s an exciting new bi-colour variation on Romo and Tiro models. You’ll also find a textile strap variation in the Tiro collection.



For ultimate comfort, new sizes (S, M, L) complete the makeover.
Now we wish you a lot of fun while browsing through our new collections.